Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise Slots

Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is an online slot game that's themed after all the older generations heading off onto cruises to enjoy the world. The slot comes loaded with a fun destination feature, loads of bonuses and some pretty exciting jackpot prize payouts as well. It's all of these things and more that made us want to do a full review of the slot game, find out all about the game down below.

A Rival Slot Creation

Designed by Rival Games, this slot is highly interactive and made to work on most devices. It is nicely styled and comes loaded with some interactive bonuses that will give you lots of choices to pick from and offer a less traditional slot wagering experience.

A Fun Cruise Ship Theme

The whole slot game is themed after traveling, but the heart of the slot is traveling on a cruise liner. There are different destinations, lots of public transportation options and loads of prizes to uncover. The slot has a fun cartoon theme that makes it exciting to play, and the design stands out for this reason as well.

Designed for Maximum Fun

This online slot game was designed to offer the highest level of entertainment to gamblers while also providing them with decent prize-winning opportunities. There are three different bonus rounds that can be triggered while playing, there's a 2x wild multiplier and there are several decent prize payout opportunities as well. Altogether this game offers lots of ways to win and is something that gamblers can get excited about playing around with.

A Video Slot with Modern Features

Even though this game doesn't feature progressive jackpot payouts like some of the newer options, it still packs in plenty of winning opportunities for players to take advantage of. The slot offers decent fixed-price jackpots, it has multiple bonus features, it offers excellent wagering control and is nicely styled as well. All these different features come together and create a compelling gambling experience for a slot player.

Designed with 15 Adjustable Paylines

We've seen plenty of slots with fixed paylines, but we prefer the games with adjustable paylines. That's one of the things we like best about this game. Gamblers have the option to wager on between 1 and 15 different paylines. That flexibility makes it easy to adjust the wagering amount while playing, but also to choose how often the game will payout and the overall level of excitement while spinning the reels. It's a nice extra bit of control to have while playing.

Lots of Wagering Options

Baby Boomers Cash Cruise offers gamblers many different wagering options to choose from when getting set to play. There are options for the number of coins, the bet amount per line and the number of lines wagered on. Gamblers can bet between $0.01 and $1.00 per coin, they can wager on between 1 and 15 paylines and can wager between 1 and 5 coins per line. That makes it possible to wager as little as $0.01 per spin and as much as $75.00 per spin depending on the options that are chosen. With three different adjustments available it's possible to move the wager amount up or down very precisely.

A Generous Pay Table

This slot game benefits from a sufficiently generous paytable that offers the opportunity to walk away with some impressive prizes. Gamblers that play this slot can win up to 5,000 coins by getting five of the wild bus symbols. The jet is the next most valuable symbol worth up to 3,000 coins when five are put together onto the same payline. Next is the passport worth 1,000 coins. There are many other travel-related symbols that payout as well, but the symbols highlighted are the most valuable. It's also important to note that whenever the wild bus symbol is used to complete a prize that prize value is doubled.

Enjoy Multiple Bonus Opportunities

Getting three or more of the ship scatter symbols anywhere on the reels is all it takes to trigger the special bonus round for this online slot game. Once that round is activated you'll get a chance to spin the wheel to choose your cruise destination. From there you'll be asked to play one of three special games to determine just how much money you win from the slot game. This highly-interactive bonus round changes each time you play with it and helps to keep the slot exciting. This dynamic bonus round is one of our favorite features of the game and what keeps us coming back for more.

Limited Free Spins

Baby Boomers Cash Cruise does offer the chance at free spins in one of two ways, but both options offer limited free spins. The first way is by getting several of the scatter symbols. Doing that can leave you with a few bonus spins with a 3x multiplier attached to them. The second way is to get a cruise liner ship symbol on the first and last reels. Doing so will give three free spins with a 3x multiplier for each spin.

A Decent RTP of 96%

This slot game has a respectable RTP of 96% which is enough to lead to some pretty significant prize payouts for the right player. That's another reason to get excited about this slot and it's something that keeps players coming back for more as well.

Our Rating

We give this slot game a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. This rating is based on the generous fixed jackpots offered, the fun bonus rounds and the nice styling that's used to create the different symbols. We took some points away for not offering the highest fixed jackpots we've seen and for

Try it For Free

There's no need to spend real money to test out this slot game. Instead, it's possible to try out all the features and get a feel for this slot game without spending money on it. The only difference is when playing in free mode no real money is paid out as a prize, instead it's just pretend money that goes back to the play balance.

Play with Real Money for Maximum Entertainment

For the gamblers that want to get the most out of this slot game, it's easy to play for real money at a participating casino. The game loads up and plays the same as it does in free play mode, but prize payouts given are in real money. This makes the game more exciting to play and is something that gamblers can look forward to if they get a big win.

Take it With You

Like many modern slots, this one is fully optimized for mobile. That means it will run on most smartphones and tablets. Gamblers that want to play on the go can simply open up the slot in their mobile web browser and start playing. It's quick and simple to do this and it works with most online casinos with the game.

Baby Boomers Cash Cruise is an exciting online slot that's designed with excellent bonuses, good solid prize payouts and it looks good as well. It's a game worth playing for all those reasons and that's exactly why we recommend the slot to so many players around the world.