Midway Madness Slots

Midway Madness Slots

Head to the carnival of fun, excitement rides and games with Midway Madness the online slot game. In this slot you'll see a bunch of fun symbols that all represent what you would experience at an amusement park. We were taken in by the look of the slot game almost immediately, but it wasn't until we started reviewing the game that we realized it has something special to offer. Read through our review of this five reel slot below and learn all there is to know about this slot and what you can expect from playing here.

Decent Wagering Options

The first thing we had to get used to when testing out this slot game were all the different betting options to choose from. There are a total of 20 paylines on this slot and you can place between 1 and 10 coins on each of those lines. After you decide on those two options you can go ahead and choose a coin value to determine just how much you are wagering per spin. The maximum wager amount allowable is $50.00 per spin and the minimum is $0.01 per spin. Most players will be happy with those wagering limits, but some will be disappointed with the upper limit available.

Pretty Standard Fixed Prizes

There are many different prize-paying symbols in Midway Madness, but most of them are unimpressive. The best payout that you can get from one of the standard symbols is a mere 800 coins. It's not until you start making use of the jackpot symbol, the different bonus symbols and the clown wild that you can unlock some impressive prize payouts.

The Bumper Car Bonus Round

Play for your chance at a wide range of instant bonus payouts in the special bumper cars bonus round. To trigger this round you need to get three or more of the bumper car symbols. Get those symbols and you'll be in the special bonus round and trying your chance at all sorts of different prizes.

A High Paying Fixed Jackpot

While most of the standard prize payouts aren't very impressive, there is a powerful jackpot available in Midway Madness that gives you an opportunity to win big. This jackpot comes from the man in the striped shirt. Get five of these symbols and you'll unlock an impressive 15,000 coin jackpot payout. Even getting four of the symbols will help you trigger a 1,000 coin payout, which is still pretty impressive and something to get excited about.

Rewarding Ticket Free Spins

The ticket symbol serves as the free spin scatter symbol. These scatters unlock some exciting free spin opportunities that could help you win some impressive prize payouts. Getting just three of the scatters will reward you with five free spins. Getting four of the scatters will leave you with 10 free spins and getting all five scatter symbols will give you a total of 25 free spins, which is plenty to enhance your wagering experience and to give you chances to win big as well.

We really like the theme of Midway Madness and we were impressed with the different variety of features offered by the game as well. While the initial prize payouts seems small and unimpressive, the different jackpots and special features won us over and helped us to really enjoy this theme park slot game.