Under the Bed Slots

Have you ever worried about the existence of real monsters under your bed? If so Under the Bed might not be the slot game for you! This slot is based around the fun theme of real monsters hiding under the bed of a pair of children, presumably brother and sister. The game is captivating, it's rich with vibrant graphics and animations and we were just dying to test out this new BetSoft masterpiece to put together a full review for other interested gamblers. Below is our experience with the new slot game. Read on to find out what we think about the game and whether or not it's a good option for you to consider.

Wagering Flexibility

This slot offers pretty good wagering flexibility to any gambler interested in trying it out. It makes no difference if you want to bet big or small, you can do either one while playing Under the Bed. There are a total of 30 paylines to wager over, and the more you have in play the more chances you have of winning big. It's up to you to choose just how many paylines you want to have in play at any one time. You can also choose to wager between 1 and 5 coins per payline when you play this slot game. Choose the coin amount with care because you can have up to 150 coins active across all 30 paylines with the maximum settings in place. Finally, you can wager between $0.01 and $1.00 per coin, giving you the ability to wager between $0.01 and $150.00 per spin depending on what settings you use for Under the Bed. With all these different options to make use of you should be able to find settings that work well for you no matter what sort of bankroll you're working with.

Pretty Standard Prize Payouts

Under the Bed is made up with plenty of prize-paying symbols, but most of them are pretty standard overall. You can trigger a top fixed prize payout worth 2,500 coins with five Jane symbols, or a decent second prize of 2,000 coins with five Jesse symbols. Other than that you can win 1,500 coins from a few symbol combinations, 1,000 coins from a single combination and the prize payouts fall sharply from there.

Sticky Wilds

Some of the monster symbols have a special rim around them. If you can unlock a paying combination using that symbol you'll trigger a sticky wild feature. That special rimmed symbol flips over revealing the wild symbol and the number of rounds it will be available. It's possible to get several of these sticky wilds out on the reels at the same time, increasing your chances for a nice prize payout.

Simple Free Spins

If you're able to get a mystery door symbol at the center position of the central reel, you'll unlock the free spin bonus round. In this round you'll enjoy a total of 12 free spins and plenty of chances to win prize payouts as well. This is an exciting opportunity that will only enhance your gambling experience while playing online in Under the Bed.

Battle Monsters Bonus

Get three or more of the bed symbols and enter into an epic battle alongside Jesse and Jane as they fight off the horde of angry monsters from under the bed. Fight away the monsters and unlock a range of instant prize payouts.

Double Up Your Wins

Any time you unlock a prize payout in this slot game you have the chance to double that win with the Double Up feature. Simply press the button after a win and try to make the right guess. Guess right and you'll double your prize payout just like that. You can even chain together multiple Double Up wagers to unlock 4x, 8x or even more prize payouts from the slot.

Keep the Game Going with Auto Play

Under the Bed comes with a simple Autoplay feature that makes it easy to keep the reels spinning even when you are tired of pressing the spin button yourself. Select Auto Play and let the reels turn until you get a win impressive enough for you to stop. You can set up the Auto Play feature to spin for a certain number of rounds or to stop after you lose or win a certain amount. Try adjusting the settings to enhance your play experience.

Under the Bed is a masterpiece of a slot game. It comes with okay fixed prize payouts, but the fun animations, and rich symbols help to bring this slot to life. The range of bonuses and special features also help to make this slot game into a rewarding online experience that everyone should try at least one time.