Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots

Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots

Aztec Treasure 3x3 is a progressive-jackpot classic themed slot game, and as such it's a very interesting slot. This game looks pretty cool with a graphics designed to look like ancient Aztec designs. It's simple in terms of design and features, but that doesn't mean it's boring. Below is our full review of this online slot game. Keep reading and learn if the game is a good fit for you, and whether or not you'll want to keep playing the game after you're done testing it for yourself.

Developed by BestSoft

BetSoft is known for making some of the most iconic games available today. That's why it's no surprise that this slot game is a pleasure to play around with. The game has nice graphics and a few fun features despite it's classic design.

Demo Play is Available

Demo play is one of the most sought-after features for an online slot game to have for new gamblers interested in testing it out. Aztec Treasure can be demoed for free at most Betsoft based casinos, making it very convenient to test out the different features offered and to see if this slot is worth a playthrough or not.

An Ancient Aztec Theme

The theme of this slot isn't the most original with a bunch of ancient Aztec based symbols showing up on the reels. That doesn't keep it from being enjoyable to look at though. Tis game looks very nice and that's a nice perk for players that will wager for hours at a time.

A Simple Classic Slot Design

There are just three reels and minimal symbols to turn up on the reels giving this slot game classic slot status. There are some unique features of this game that you won't find on most other classic slots though. For instance, there are up to eight paylines that can be activated. There is also a progressive jackpot that grows in value for an exciting wagering experience for hopeful gamblers.

Up to 8 Paylines

It's possible to wager on between 1 and 8 paylines while playing this game. The amount can be adjusted using the "Select Lines" button to easily go through the different line options. This makes it possible to wager a bit more while playing this game, though the maximum wager amount isn't that large compared to most video slots.

Adjust Lines, Coins and Coin Value

When placing a wager in this game there are a good mix of options to work with. First players can choose to wager on between one and eight lines at the same time. Those gamblers can wager between one and five coins on each of the active paylines, making it possible to wager as many as 40 coins on a single spin. Finally, it's possible to choose a coin value of between $0.01 and $1.00 per coin. That means that gamblers can wager a low of $0.01 and a high of $40.00 per spin. That's a pretty decent range to work with and it should help most gamblers wager at a level their comfortable with as well.

A Relaxed Paytable

Part of the allure of playing a mostly classic slot game such as this one is that the wagers are affordable, and the payouts are steady and reliable. That's true of this game too, which means that the paytable is pretty basic. The biggest fixed payout possible while playing this game is 500 coins. The next best prize is 250 coins, then it drops all the way down to 100 coins. These prize payouts won't make nay gambler rich, but if they're triggered frequent enough they can result in some decent earnings with time. That's exactly what a player of this slot would want to try for.

Several Special Bonus Rounds

The coolest feature of this slot game is that it offers many different bonus rounds. Bonuses can be unlocked by getting three of the Love Hut symbols, getting one of each of the three gemstone colors and by getting three or more of the calendar symbols on a payline. The Love Hut bonus round has you choose one of a few different options to determine your bonus payout. The Gem bonus offers out a random prize payout with beautiful animations, and the calendar bonus is a simple pick your prize type of bonus feature. Though each of the different bonuses is simple to play through, having three bonus options along with a free spin round keeps things interesting all the time.

Unlock Free Spins with Geckos

Get three or more of the Gecko symbols to trigger the free spin bonus round. In this round the reels turn through a predetermined number of spins without costing you anything at all. Getting three or more Gecko symbols on a payline again during the bonus rounds will add additional free spins on.


With an RTP of just 95% this slot game isn't the best option for players looking to take home a profit. It's not horrible though. This game is right in the middle in terms of overall value to players looking for profits. That means it might still be worth a try for players that enjoy simple fun and lots of bonuses.

Our Slot Rating

We give this classic slot game a 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. It doesn't offer the largest prize payouts, but it does offer consistent wins and a whole boatload of special bonus rounds to unlock and take advantage of. Between all these special bonuses the game is a true pleasure to play and something that classic slot gamblers will come to love.

Winners Walk away with a Progressive Payout

It's rare to find a classic-style slot game with a progressive jackpot prize, but Aztec Treasure has it. This game offers prize payouts in the hundreds or thousands, and that amount goes up over time as players spin the reels without winning that top jackpot amount.

Demo it For Free

Want to see how this slot plays for yourself? Now you can without spending any money! That's right, this slot game will run in Demo mode while offering the full list of features for you. That's the perfect solution for new gamblers that want to get a feel for a game without losing money in the process. If you've ever wondered about this slot or another modern game you can often try them out for free first.

Switch to Real Play and Win Real Money

Demo play is a good way to get familiar with the slot, but when it's time to unlock some real prize wins it's time to switch to real play mode. After making a quick deposit into a compatible casino it's easy to play this slot for real money. Serious gamblers can win large prize payouts by

Made for Mobile

Few slots work as well on mobile as this game does. Not only was it designed to run smoothly in the web browser of a smartphone or tablet, but this slot is so simply designed that it's easy to read and to make use of on a small screen as well.

Aztec Treasure is a real pleasure to play around with. The game packs loads of bonuses, offers some fun prize payouts and it looks nice too. The only real downside to the game is that it has a lower RTP. It's still worth a test play session though, and many gamblers will come to love this slot with time.