Crazy Camel Cash Slots

Crazy Camel Cash is a simple online classic slot that will help gamblers interested in a relaxed experience get the most out of the game. The slot plays over just three reels, and there is a single payline. The game stands out because of its nice graphics, and that's why we decided to make a review of this game.

Simple Wagering

There are just three different options to choose from while playing Crazy Camel Cash. Each coin is worth $0.50 and you can wager between one and three coins per spin. The number of coins you have wagered determines just how much money you can win from the slot during your spins. Wagering three coins will help you unlock prizes worth approximately 3x the amount that a single coin wager is worth. The maximum you can wager while playing this slot is $1.50 per spin, and that's the amount you want to bet every time if you can afford to. That's because of the jackpot payout. When wagering the maximum amount the jackpot amount is worth 2,000 coins, rather than the 500 or 1,000 coins it's worth with the other two wager amounts. That gives you a 4x payout with just three times the wager amount, making it slightly more profitable.

A Standard Classic Slot Experience

There is nothing out of the ordinary about Crazy Camel Cash other than the wild symbols. You just spin the reels and hope to trigger one of the better paying combinations. That's all there is to having a good time playing this slot game. Keep spinning the reels and hopefully you'll turn over a good-sized payout eventually.

Making Use of the Wilds

The wild symbol acts as a scatter symbol when alone. If you can get a single wild on the payline of this slot you'll double your coin wager no matter how many coins you have in play. That means that wilds will account for many of your pretty standard wins. Get two wild symbols and you'll unlock a 3x payout times the value of the final symbol involved in the combination. Get three wild symbols and you'll trigger the top jackpot payout of this slot game, which is something to get excited about.

The Top Jackpot Payout

There very best prize payout that you can get while playing Crazy Camel Cash comes from the special wild symbols. Get three of them on the game's only payline and you'll unlock a prize payout worth between 500 and 2,000 coins depending on the amount you have wagered. This jackpot is worth 500, 1,000 or 2,000 coins for one, two or three coins wagered. Players that wager three coins have the most to gain from the jackpot payout in this slot game.


This slot also comes with a simple autoplay feature that makes it easy to keep turning the reels over and over again even if you're tired of doing so. This feature is only available in the real money play version of this slot though, so you'll have to make a deposit into a casino in order to test out this feature. Crazy Camel Cash is an impressive online slot game that offers very little in the way of features. If you're searching for a standard classic slot game to test out, this is the perfect game for you. It packs in a nice blend of symbols to create a pleasant appearance as you play. The game has an okay top jackpot payout, but what impresses us is how simple it is to play. Get familiar with the paytable and you know how the slot works pretty much.