Big Bang Buckaroo Slots

Big Bang Buckaroo takes gamblers to the future where an entirely unique cowboy robot sheriff watches over the land and makes sure that justice prevails. This slot caught our eye because of its unique theme, but it offers much more than that after you sit down and get to know it. Below we unveil all that the game has to offer in a complete review. Get to know it through our experiences below, or try it for yourself to see why many gamblers swear by this slot gambling experience.

A Rival Powered Creation

Rival Gaming is a leading software developer that's known for its unique creations and fun features. That's not because Rival is necessarily the best in the business, but fans of Rival really enjoy most of the library that the company has to offer. Gamblers looking for a unique theme and simple play experience should enjoy this slot as well thanks in part to its Rival Gaming heritage.

Demo Mode is Available

New players that want to get familiar with this slot and all that it offers won't have any trouble doing so thanks to the Demo Mode available to everyone. After making a free account with the casino it's possible to try out this slot game and all its features entirely for free. This is possible through the slot's Demo mode feature that loads the game up with a play money balance.

A Steampunk Robot Sheriff

We love the highly unique theme chosen for this online slot game because there aren't many games out there showcasing a steampunk-themed robot sheriff. The game is like a combination of the Old West and Robocop put together. Think the Will Smith movie Wild Wild West in classic slot form and you'll be close to the mark with what you'll get from this game.

Cluttered but Simple Design

At first glance, this game is a bit overwhelming to figure out. There aren't many buttons to press, but there are graphics everywhere. That can make this game a bit of a challenge to get comfortable with, but it is a very easy game to play after taking a minute to get familiar with its layout. Players that want a clean and uncluttered slot won't enjoy this game, but it's a lot of fun after you adapt.

A Classic Slot with Modern Features

As confusing as it sounds to say, Big Bang Buckaroo is a classic slot game with a modern set of features. The game is configured like an old-school fruit machine, but there are more options, more winning opportunities and just some nice modern features that help make it into an even more enjoyable experience than what can be had from a fruit machine. That doesn't make it the best online classic slot today, but it certainly improves its playability from our point-of-view.

Five Variable Payline Options

When playing this slot there are a total of five paylines to wager on, which is pretty good for a 3-reel classic slot. It's possible to turn on just a single line all the way up to the maximum of five lines depending on what sort of wagering experience you want to have.

Highly Valuable Wagering Options for Low Stakes Players

When looking at the wagering options it quickly becomes apparent that this casino game is designed more for low-stakes gamblers than it is for the high rollers among us. With that said, there is still a good range of wagering options to choose from when getting to know this slot game. Players can wager as little as $0.01 and as much as $37.50 per spin depending on the betting options selected. There are five variable paylines that can be turned on and off. There is also the option to wager between 1 and 3 coins per payline. Finally, gamblers have the opportunity to bet between $0.01 and $2.50 per coin while playing this slot. Between all those different options gamblers have excellent control over the bet they put in place. The only downside is the lower maximum wager that's possible here.

A Modest Paytable

This slot offers a range of prize payouts, but most of those awards are pretty small compared to modern video slot games. The biggest win comes from getting three of the robot sheriff symbols and that's worth between 400 and 1,500 coins depending on the number of coins wagered by the player. Next is the yellow 7's and they're worth just 50 to 150 coins. From there down prize payouts get small quick, and players will be gambling for combinations of prize payouts rather than solitary wins while playing this slot game.

Forget about Bonuses and Free Spins

This game sticks to the more standard classic slot gambling experience by avoiding bonus rounds and free spins. There is a wild symbol that leads to more frequent prize wins and that's the robot sheriff. Other than a wild symbol, prizes are paid at face value and there aren't any special features to unlock as you play. Some gamblers will appreciate this about the slot, while others will be scared away for that very reason.

A Lower RTP

This slot game has an RTP of just 94.28% which we weren't too impressed by. With that said, it's very simple to play, it's enjoyable for the right type of player and it's worth it for certain gamblers to play around with. Players looking for a game with the best odds of winning may want to avoid this slot though.

Our Slot Rating

We give this slot game a solid 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. The game doesn't offer anything new in terms of bonus features or prizes that are offered. We love the theme of the game though and it works very smoothly, which we can really appreciate. Gamblers looking for a traditional classic slot experience with good wagering options will like this game. Everyone else will want to move on to a more modern option instead.

Small Prize Winners

Winners that uncover prize payouts from this slot game don't become rich from their wins. Instead, they enjoy frequent small prizes and some are fortunate enough to chain together many wins for a more substantial payout during their play session. This game is perfect for gamblers that want frequent wins and that aren't concerned with winning big payouts with a single spin.

Fun Play is Fully Supported

Because this slot game has a Demo mode available to its players, it's easier than ever to test out the game and to play it purely for fun. That means as a gambler using this slot there is no need to wager with real money at any point if you don't want to. You can enjoy all the features of the game and the slot play experience for free for as long as you like. Most players don't find playing for free as exciting as playing for real money though.

Easily Switch to Real Money Wagering

Since gamblers trying out this casino game need to have a free account in place before getting started it's easier than ever to switch over to playing for real money. To do this, gamblers just need to make a real money deposit and select the button to play for real. This only takes a few minutes with the right deposit option selected. Players looking to get more thrills from this game will love how exciting it is to play the game to try and win real prizes when they switch to gambling like that.

This Game Works well on Mobile

Mobile gamblers will love just how smoothly this slot runs on most mobile devices. The game loads up on mobile phones and tablets quickly, and it's very easy to get started as a mobile player. If you want to take the game with you on the go, or you want to be able to experience all the features of the game on a small portable screen, you can do just that with this game. Not only that, but it will run smoothly on most device types as well so compatibility isn't that much of an issue.

Big Bang Buckaroo is a pretty unique classic slot game, but it's still a classic slot at its heart. That means there aren't massive prize payouts and the game is simple to play. If classic slot gambling appeals to you then this is a solid game to add to your collection. If you prefer more feature-rich gambling options, or you're interested in big prize payouts, you might want to look at alternative slots to try out. Either way, you can test this game out for free for yourself and see if it's a good fit or not.