Alien Spinvasion Slots

Leave earth and head out into orbit to experience all the charm and features that Alien Spinvasion, the online slot game from Rival Gaming has to offer. This slot has retro symbols including a phone with a red button on it, a blaster ray gun, a flying saucer, some aliens and more. The whole game creates the image of an old-time alien Sci-Fi film, and that's the appeal of it. We just had to test out this slot game online, and we weren't disappointed! Learn more about our experience below and you'll know what you can expect if you decide to try it for yourself.

Different Betting Options

With a total of 50 different paylines, you have a whole lot of different betting options to work with when you play Alien Spinvasion. You can turn on the different paylines between 1 and 50 lines to get you an amount that you're comfortable with. You can also choose a coin value between $0.01 and $0.25 per coin. Finally, you can select the number of coins per line that you want to wager. Choose between 1 and 10 coins to determine the total wager amount that you're going to go with. With all these settings in place you can easily wager between $0.01 and $125.00 per spin depending on the options that you select. Choose carefully and you'll be rewarded with a wager amount that you're comfortable with.

Tiny Standard Prizes

One of the most disappointing aspects of Alien Spinvasion are the standard prize payouts offered as you play through the rounds. You can get a payout of between 250 coins and just a single coin depending on the win that you achieve while playing. These standard payouts are all quite small compared to other slot games, which can make the game feel a bit dull as you are spinning through one round after the next. These prize payouts don't get any more powerful during the free spin bonus round, but you can build up some decent wins during special rounds thanks to bonus features like drop icons.

Sticky Wilds

Anytime you get a win using one of the wild symbols that shows up on the reels, you'll trigger the sticky wilds feature. This feature locks the wild in position for an additional spin. If you get another win on the re-spin you'll be reworded with another re-spin with the wilds locked in position once again. Anytime that you get another wild on the reels during a re-spin, that wild triggers an additional re-spin and locks all wilds into position as well. Sticky Wilds can result in some exciting prize payouts and make it even more exciting to try playing Alien Spinvasion.

Free Spin Opportunities

Any time that the Army General symbol shows up on one of the reels of Alien Spinvasion you'll unlock the free spin bonus round. During this bonus you get a total of 11 free spins and you unlock the drop icons bonus. During free spins anytime you trigger a prize winning combination of symbols the winners disappear out of the way and new symbols drop down into position where the old ones were. This continues as long as you get wins during that round and can lead to exciting chains of prize wins.

Auto Spins

Like many modern slot games, Alien Spinvasion comes with an auto spins feature that you can use to keep the fun going as you play through one round after another. If you are interested in going through dozens of different spins in a row, you can do just that with the auto spin feature. Just activate the feature and choose the number of spins that you want to go through. The game will begin to play itself and you don't even have to sit in front of the screen for the rounds to keep going.

Alien Spinvasion is a galactic slot game with a retro theme, and we love the look and gameplay of the game. We were underwhelmed by the prize payouts initially when testing the game, but quickly grew to love the frequent combination wins and exciting chain victories you can get while playing the slot.